About me

My name is Evgenia Semenova (my foreign friends call me Jenny). I live in a beautiful sea city of Vladivostok. The sea was always my everyday companion, so it made a great deal in my art. Here I was born, grown up, studied, married. I have a wonderful family which loves and helps each other.

I create a unique soutache embroidered jewelry. Having fallen in love with this technique 4 years ago I'm happy to find my own style in it. This is not only a hobby, but a passion which I share with you.

I studied Chinese and English, but I always tended to express myself through the art. I love music, I sing and write my own songs. My poor drawing helps me to create sketches for my jewelry :) There was a time when I wrote poems and stories. All this is due to my parents, especially to my Dad. He has a fastidious taste in art wich influented much for my artisic growing-up. He always gives me a valuable advice.

I make beading since my school time. My early works are shown in the Archive gallery.

So this is my art experience :)


Four years ago I found the soutache embroidery tutorial by Oceani, the French jewelry maker. Despite my poor (very-very poor :)) French, it made no difficulties for me to try this unusual technique and create my first soutache piece. It charmed me to the deep of my heart. The balance of traditional soutache embroidery and beading with the mix of materials and techniques gives the ginger to my jewelry.

Soutache embroidery is a magic tool in the hands of a skilled craftsman. The sketch helps me to start, and then the piece itself leads my hands hinting the ornament. I combine the soutache with quality seed beads (Japanese and Czech), glass beads, Swarovsky crystals, gems, textile and other materials.

One of my site visitors said about one of my works: 'I feel like falling in love!' This was a great compliment for me, as I always express my feelings, thoughs and emotions through my jewelry.

I sell finished jewelry and make it to orders. You can always buy my works here. If you have problems with Russian, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail.

I'm ready to participate in photo, design and fashion events. I also teach my technique in groups or individually.

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